Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding Cake Ideas

Ok let’s talk about everyone’s favourite food group CAKE, you’ve got your fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, dairy and then there’s cake am I right? More importantly, some of the choices you have and some wedding cake ideas.

Deciding on a cake for your big day can be a great part of your wedding planning journey. There’s not much else that can bring out the inner child than cake samples and this time you can use the excuse of “it’s for wedding research” A wedding cake supplier at any wedding fayre always has a crowd of eager couples flocking around them when those delicious samples of scrumptious cake squares are on offer.

Wedding Cake Ideas

Who doesn’t love cake? Well, my sister-in-law doesn’t like cake but then she’s definitely in the minority and clearly wrong. Everyone loves cake and a wedding cake can come in so many different forms. Massive lavish centrepieces with crystals hanging off them, funny quirky personal cakes with a variety of toppers that can show the couples love of a particular sport or pastime. Or one of my favourites the naked cake perfect for a rustic wedding and absolutely bloody delicious, you can even add fresh fruit if you like and fool yourself into thinking its good for you. But it’s your wedding day who cares about if it’s good for you as long as it tastes amazing.

So cakes are lush, we all know this apart from my sister in law but as we previously discussed she’s wrong.

Wedding Cake Ideas

A gorgeous wedding cake can be a wonderful centrepiece to your wedding reception room, complimenting your chosen decorations and adding to the whole theme and feel you want for your big day.

If your style is rustic and has a woodland feel why not add some ivy or vines to the base of the cake or decorate the cake with real flowers that compliment your bouquet. Using a log slice for the base of a rustic naked cake can be a lovely touch. If you are more of a contemporary bride and like things a little more modern, geode wedding cakes may be the way for you. 

They are amazing looking and add a modern twist to any reception room.

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There are so many alternatives to the traditional wedding cake, couples can be spoiled for choice. However what if you don’t fancy a wedding cake but still have a sweet tooth. In Wales, the humble Welsh cake is a particular favourite and is a lovely alternative to cake.
A doughnut tower can calm that sweet tooth of even been a doughnut board would be perfect. You can even combine your doughnut board and sitting plan so as your guests enter the room they get a sweet treat. This can be perfect if you are planning your speeches before the meal as it will give your guests something to munch on until the wedding breakfast is served.

So if you decide on a cake how can it reflect the both of you, it is both of your weddings and the groom should have some input further than nodding and agreeing. So how about a two-sided cake, of course, all cakes have two sides but what if one side refected your dream of a beautiful ivory cake with all the detail of a stunning wedding dress and the other side was full of oh I don’t know Superheroes. (I’m a nerd for comics so this would be my choice) you can add your favourite football teams colours or something that means something to you as the groom.

Wedding Cake Ideas

So you have decided on how your cake should look but more importantly how should it taste. 

The most common cake I’ve come across is the vanilla sponge and while delicious it is not the only option available to you. 

If you were to chat with my kids they would tell you the only way forward is chocolate cake and that you are a fool to think any other flavour would do. The choices for your cake are many and bountiful but all most importantly taste amazing. 

From humble vanilla to decadent Red Velvet, delicious chocolate or the amazing Funfetti. (not sure what this? look it up it’s the best cake for the big kid in you trust me). 

Each of these makes for the perfect cake flavour.

If you do not have a sweet tooth and savoury is your go-to food is all lost for you? Hell no.

Three words PORK PIE CAKE.
So do they exist, Richard, I hear you cry, yes they do and yes they are bloody delicious? 

A wonderful centrepiece and a real change from the normal wedding cake. A Pork pie or savoury pie as a substitute “wedding cake” can be a great choice to save off that savoury tooth and after all that wedding day wine and beer and of course Gin it can really help soak up that alcohol. 

Another choice for the savoury inclined is a cheesecake, no not a cheesecake but a “cheese” cake. A tower of delicious cheese rounds with olives, crackers, crusty bread, even a scotch egg and side of chutney just heavenly and in my opinion a preferred way to round off a meal with your favourite tipple. 

So that’s it for cake, be it sweet, savoury, decadent or rustic your choices are endless but all delicious.

Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding Cake Ideas Checklist.


Don’t believe what your other half says size is everything.

The size of your wedding cake may be determined by the size of your wedding party, or in my case the size of my belly.
You might well want to have some cake left over to send to family and friends who could not make the big day, or even for those nights at home when you have a sweet tooth and only a huge slab of cake will do.

Matchy, Matchy (Will your cake follow the theme of your day).

Some people will tell you your cake needs to follow the theme of your day, I say balls to that. It’s a cake everyone loves cake (apart from my sister in law but less about her) it’s all about the taste for me.
If you do want to keep things within your theme then that’s fine a naked cake will work well in a barn style wedding a more refined cake for a mansion house backdrop would be perfect. However, ask any guest if they remember what the cake looked like or tasted like and I’m sure the taste will win out.

Talking of taste are you cream and jam or a choco-monster.

My only tip here is, go with what you love, and if you can’t decide on one flavour be it vanilla, chocolate or even carrot, flavour every tier differently. (trust me a future you sat on the couch on a Saturday night will thank me for giving you the choice).

Try before you buy?

Always have a tasting first. if nothing else it’s an excuse to stuff cake in your face and who doesn’t love doing that without as guilty feelings afterwards. Talk to your cake makers they know what works and what flavours go together let’s be honest they have one of the best jobs in the world.

Final thoughts.

It’s cake, whether it’s sweet, savoury, traditional, cheese or a pork pie it’s your wedding day go for what you love.

As with picking all your wedding suppliers, find someone who gets you what you are about and what you want and most importantly always and I mean always save a slice for your photographer.

Drop me a line today if you would like me to photograph your wedding cake, I’ll even take some photos of you too what more could you want.