Pre Wedding Shoots

Some call them engagement shoots or getting to know you photo shoots, some even give them names like connection sessions, either way, they are a great way for you to get comfortable in front of the camera.

Let’s be honest having your photo taken is a bit bloody weird. Standing there with some guy you hardly know as you suddenly forget how to be a normal human being.

Trust me the best shots are the ones in between the poses anyway so you are not alone in doing this.

Pre wedding shoots

Shot at a location of your choice a beach, a park, even up the top of a mountain.

You get an hour with me without the stress or show of a wedding. 

Just have some fun and capture some great shots also you’ll get to experience the fact that I say Lush a lot. 

Imagine a walk and a chat but I happen to be taking photos.

Pre Wedding Photoshoots

Pre wedding shoots allow you the time to get at ease with having your photo taken. 

Plus it means on the big day you will know exactly what to expect and you’ll be throwing poses left, right and centre without even thinking about it.

My pre-wedding shoots cost just £125 and can be added to any wedding package. 

Have a look at the gallery below for ideas for your pre-wedding shoot or visit my blog to see more pre-wedding shoot sessions and then contact me to book in your wedding and let’s have a bloody good laugh and take some amazing photos.

Rich's pre-wedding shoot was perfect for us, we are not "photo people" but by the end, we were absolutely loving it,
Pre wedding shoots
Lee & Sara

Pre Wedding Shoots

Pre Wedding Shoots

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