Pre Wedding Shoot Blaen Bran Community Walk

Tracey & Gwydion ~ Pre Wedding Shoot Blaen Bran Community Walk

Pre-wedding photoshoot, engagement shoots, getting to know you sessions. There are lots of names for this session. I just stick to Pre-wedding as it happens before your wedding. It’s that simple, just like me.

So back to the shoot in question, for Tracey and Gwydion’s pre-wedding shoot, we headed to Blaen Bran community walk. I had never been to this location before I got close when I photographed a wedding at Upper Cwmbran Methodist Church. Had I had known this little gem of a spot was right behind the church I would have been there.

Blaen Bran

It was very muddy when we turned up but a little bit of mud never did any photographer any harm. The location was just perfect and so were my customers. The light breaking through the trees as we walked deeper into the woodland looked amazing. This is a choice location for any photoshoot, I could have easily walked around here all day there are so many little spots to choose from.
Tracey & Gwyd area lovely couple and walking around chatting to them I felt like I had known them for years. 

I’m really looking forward to capturing their big day at Barn At Brynich next month.

Blaen Bran

Finally, it’s always nice to know you did a good job and that your customers love the work you produce.
After receiving their personalized guest book Tracey was kind enough to drop me this email…

Nice one guys this stuff makes me smile.

(I’ve updated this post to include their wedding photos now the big day has passed and what a wedding it was too)

If you are planning your big day remember that both my album packages come with a free pre-wedding shoot. There really is no better way to get comfortable in front of the camera plus you walk away with some cracking jokes to wow your family and friends.

Drop me a line today and I’ll pop the kettle on. 

I just wanted to let you know we have received the Our photos are amazing, I can’t tell you how excited I am to see the outcome of the wedding day photos