Ogmore pre wedding shoot

Nat & Lee - Ogmore pre wedding shoot

When it comes to pre-wedding shoots the time of year sometimes dictates where the shoot can take place.

A woodland backdrop really suits autumn the golden leaves the autumn sunshine cutting through the trees the ground littered with leaves in multiple rich reds oranges and yellows looks stunning

A beach in the summer sun looks equally amazing however sometimes a misty weekend morning and the beach as a backdrop can give you all the feels

This was the case when I headed out to Ogmore for Nat and Lee’s pre-wedding shoot.

Ogmore Pre Wedding shoot

Nat & Lee had chosen Ogmore Castle and beach as the backdrop for their pre-wedding shoot as they had seen some previous photos of the stepping stones at Ogmore. The morning was misty the cloud was heavy in the sky why when I met this lovely couple for this shoot.

I only met Nat and Lee once before when they booked need to shoot their wedding this coming April at the New House country hotel. Sometimes when I start chatting to customers we realise we have a lot in common and the time just flies by.

Ogmore pre wedding shoot

When you have this connection with your customers it means their photos are really relaxed and the real people come through. Nat and Lee were so chilled and a pleasure to photograph from real smiles to fits of giggles the photos really show so this fun-loving couple at their best.

I am really looking forward to shooting their wedding at the New House as I know we’re going to have such a laugh

If you are considering me as your wedding photographer a pre-wedding shoot can help you get comfortable in front of the camera we get to know each other a little bit which always helps especially if you are a little camera shy or feel you look a bit weird in photos trust me you don’t


Drop me a line today to check if your wedding date is available. 

Then we can start planning your pre-wedding shoot and get you ready for your big day.