Jess & Dan ~ Llechwen Hall Wedding

Jess & Dan’s Llechwen Hall wedding.

Most of my customers have a similar trait about them they’re generally camera shy or camera reluctant shall we say. However, they still want amazing photos of their wedding but most of all they want to have a good laugh.

This pretty much sums me up too so I tend to get on with them really well. Sometimes though you have customers that you get on with like they were your mates, Jess and Dan are that customers for me.

Llechwen Hall Wedding

I knew that they were this type of customer and perfect for me on their pre-wedding photoshoot when we spent half the time just chatting.

I think we were 20 minutes in before I even took a photo we just had such a laugh and we really really clicked.

So when it came to their amazing Llechwen Hall wedding I knew it was going to be a breeze.
It really does help when you click and it makes the whole photo-taking process (which people can find a bit daunting) just fun and knowing that both Jess and Dan trusted me, even to the point of picking their final photos for their album which I very rarely do but Jess said: “you couldn’t pick a bad photo we love them all”.

Llechwen Hall Wedding

This wedding was all about family and all about who you choose to live your life with Jess and Dan are amazing parents the love that they show for their kids is is off the char. I have never felt more welcomed into somebody’s home than I did when I arrived for bridal preparations at Jesse’s parent’s house.
Likewise turning up at Llechwen Hall was greeted by a smiling I’ll be it a little nervous Dan but again It was like I was meeting up with a old friend.

The wedding took place in the jailhouse at Llechwen. It was a wonderful wonderful heartfelt ceremony, the look these two people gave each other Dan couldn’t stop smiling and Jess looked so proud of him.

As I had already photographed both Jess and Dan previously the pictures were easy we just went for a walk had a chat and tons of laughs. I left them to be with each other and I just photographed them being them.

The whole day was awesome, we laughed so much and I felt like I was photographing a friend’s wedding.

Here is a small selection of some of my favourite shots from this llechwen hall wedding.

Including a pretty special shot that Jess and Dan requested. As Dan owns a vape company he sent me a photo of something he would like to try, I think we knocked it out of the park.

Big props to both Jess and Dan for braving the rain to get this awesome image.

If you are having a Llechwen Hall wedding and are looking for a wedding photographer who will put you at ease but make sure your wedding photos rock.

Llechwen Hall Wedding