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Here are some photos that I’ve taken that show, my customers, at their best. 

More importantly than this, is how I take these photos it’s the biggest reason people book with me.

I like to have fun, the way I shoot is informal and relaxed, my ideal customer is not really comfortable in front of the camera, or maybe wants to do things a little bit differently. 

But most of all they what to have a laugh and enjoy their day and this includes having their photo taken.

I have had the pleasure of photographing weddings for over 10 years now so I kind of know what’s important on a big day.

Blending into your wedding day being friendly, being approachable to both you and your guests is a massive thing.
I capture all those important moments (I’m a people watcher) so catching your Nan knocking back a G&T or your little cousin dancing when they think nobody is watching these are the shots you will look back on and laugh.
The best photos are the ones where you are not thinking about having your photo taken past customers who worked with has commented on my ability to put them at ease and it’s something that I really pride myself off

Wedding Photographer South Wales

I do all this through a combination of bad jokes, chatting way too much and just basically having a bloody good laugh. 

Imagine having a walk with one of your mates but you just happen to be wearing a fancy frock and he’s taking photos.

This ensures your photography experience is enjoyable and most of all your photos capture the true emotions of their day.

cardiff wedding photographers

It is a great honour to be chosen to capture the biggest day of someone’s life. As such I take great pride in being given this role.

 If I can do this in a way that makes you have a bit of giggle and not take it all to seriously all the better. 

You should remember how your wedding day made you feel and laughs and jokes are a good way forward.

Wedding Photographer South Wales

These images are just a small example of my work, please view my blog and see how I shoot a full wedding day. 

Contact me here to check if your wedding date is available.

cardiff wedding photographers​

cardiff wedding photographers

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