About Me

Hi, I’m Richard, my friends call me Jonesy, most of my customers call me Lloyd at first.
I’m a comic book reader, coffee drinker and occasional beard wearer.

I’m originally from Cardiff, I now live with my partner, two kids, two cats and one fugly dog in a small Welsh village where everyone says hello to each other.

In my youth, I grew my hair, got an undercut listened to indie & metal music and looked thoroughly ridiculous most of the time.

I originally trained to be an actor and have a degree in performing arts, I also have an HND in contemporary dance, I know, I know hard to believe but book me and you will see some shapes on the dance floor trust me.

My humour ranges from out and out silly great when I’m photographing kids, too rude and a bit blue great when I’m photographing couples. Real laughs and smiles are the way forward.

I used to work as a photographer for small club promotions around Cardiff but payment in beer was doing nothing for my liver, and weddings are so much more fun. 

Although if you want to buy me a beer it’d be rude of me to say no

When I’m not looking through my camera I try to avoid eating to much cake, go for walks with my fugly dog and try to convince my kids the original Star Wars Trilogy is still the best

About Me
We felt like we had known Rich for years in just a few minutes of chatting. He became so much more than just our photographer.

I love to work with chilled out couples who just want to have a laugh, have fun and don’t take life too seriously. 

Couples who like to do things a little differently, who are a little camera shy and don’t tend to love having their photos taken are generally the people who book me.



“We are not photo people”

That fine, me neither I’m so much more comfortable my side of the camera but trust me we will be having such a laugh you will forget I’m taking photos or at least won’t care.

“We are not really traditional in that sense so want to do things a little different”.

Sounds good your wedding is all about you having your best day. If you don’t care about formalities and traditions or worrying about the little things – you just want to have an amazing time with the people who mean the most to you then I think we will get on great.

If you are looking for a photographer who fits in with your day and is more like a mate who just happens to take lush photos, then I could be the photographer for you.


If I sound like someone you want to have a laugh with and you want me at your wedding lets get the ball rolling by clicking here

What a great relationship he had with Lucy and Simon on their special day! I thought they'd been friends for years!!!!!
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